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You’re increasing the number of visitors to your site but do not know where to start?

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What Is Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a platform that services the transaction of online traffic between webmasters. The best part? Our basic program is FREE.

Webmasters who sign up and can add their website and surf other web pages in exchange for more traffic to their chosen URL. Each participant visits other members’ pages and receives their own hits in the exact same way. To make it easier even provides a convenient browser displaying the sites you should view to reach your goals.

In essence, a traffic exchange is a simple, cost-effective way to gain results trackable in a web analytics tool like Google Analytics.

How It Works

Here, we are dedicated to improving the ease and effectiveness of our traffic exchange. You don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of free service and improve your website’s metrics.

When you sign up, we give you the option of using our free service and give you clear guidance on how to exchange traffic. Not in the mood to exchange? For faster results, allows you to BUY traffic to your web page.

For more information on all things traffic exchange reference this detailed post from the expert team.

Here are some of the unique features that help you tailor traffic to your individual goals:

Traffic Source: Our Traffic Source feature helps us stand out from other traffic exchanges. This feature allows you to choose between direct, referral, organic search, and social traffic sources.

Traffic Quality Control: If extended page visits are your priority, is proud to provide agency over your traffic quality. We have levels boasting better visit duration and other bonuses.

Geotargeting: Need hits from a specific area of the globe? is able to offer a diverse selection of countries you can request traffic from.

Bounce Rate Reduction: Make your traffic visible to any web analytics service with a lowered bounce rate. It will also help you represent your visit duration more accurately.

Browser Variety: Gain a diversity of traffic. We deliver hits from a range of the world’s most popular web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.

Traffic limits: Have full control over your exchange. Allows you to set daily limits and total limits.

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Exchange website traffic with other website owners. Free to join. Autosurf. Traffic Exchange. 100% Free. Features: Traffic Limits, Traffic Quality Control, Bounce Rate Reduction, Geotargeting, Browser Variety.

Free Website Traffic Instantly


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